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Since 2001, Ariel has been bringing bespoke hair services to the world.

He commenced his career in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and quickly learned the secrets of the art of hairstyling. Working with the most talented hairdressers in his hometown, doing salon work and fashion hairstyling, such as magazine covers and editorial productions (Elle, Vogue, Para Ti, Catalogue, and more). He also became well known among photographers and film directors, working for commercial photo shootings, the movie-making industry, and fashion runways in Buenos Aires. 

Ariel has been in Sydney for the last 10 years now, and ever since, he has worked at some of the most beautiful salons around the Eastern Suburbs to finally set up his own hair business at A_STUDIO in Darlinghurst/Surry Hills area. A_STUDIO is a beautiful brand new hair space where you will feel relaxed and welcomed from the moment you step in the door. 

Ariel knows that it is not easy to FIND a Hair Stylist/Hair Colourist that you can TRUST. And he wants to let you know that HIS MISSION is precisely that: be your trusted hair specialist. 

As Ariel always says, “the first step to achieving a client’s happiness is to be a good active listener and have a full understanding of your client’s needs and desires. It’s all about good communication, which comes with years of experience. I’ve been doing hair for 23 years, and I don’t get started unless I know that we are on the same page”.

Ariel aims to ensure that your natural hair texture stands out with the right haircut, a look that would suit your life style and will be easy to manage. He will talk to you in a very relax and professional way, analyse your hair and finally design the right haircut/style and hair colour for you to shine. 

We are all different inside and outside, and we all deserve an entirely personal creation to be our best version of ourselves. 

Why don’t we start with your hair now? 


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